The Power of Vacation in Employee Wellness

Failure of workers to take time off and get away on vacation impacts their stress level, their health and their productivity. The problem is that employees just aren’t taking time off like they should. They’re not using all of their paid time off and are taking fewer getaway vacations. Studies show that practice is not beneficial for them or for their employer. 

Offering a voluntary benefit program that addresses one of the biggest issues behind not taking off – the cost of getting away – can achieve a better work-life balance for employees and improve employers’ bottom line at the same time. 

The Power of Vacation in Employee Wellness is the topic of a recent bylined article by Elizabeth Halkos in The byline presents the statistics that support the problem and discusses why employees aren’t taking vacations and what employers can do to help workers with work-life balance and promote increased use of paid time off. And since cost is one of the key reasons employees aren’t taking vacations, employers can help by offering our employee purchase program that includes vacation options. 

Giving employees the opportunity to deduct budget-friendly payments directly from their paychecks provides an affordable way for employees to take an out of town vacation and offers an alternative to the added expense of high-interest credit cards. For example, according to, a $2,000 vacation paid for with a credit card at an 18 percent interest rate will take almost ten years to pay off if the buyer chooses to make the minimum payment.

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