The Importance of Client Service and How We Approach it – by Shatrina Cosby, Sr. Manager of Client Services

The Purchasing Power goal as a company is to provide a financial wellness benefit for your employees/members that results in increased productivity, satisfaction and loyalty/retention for your organization. In accomplishing that, we want to do so with excellent client service.

We take our role in client service pretty seriously. The reason we do so isn’t to win awards, but when you do the right thing, and excel in service, you do win awards for it. We’re proud to have been honored for our “world-class service.”

Our mission is to make a relationship with us an exceptional experience for both our clients and our customers. We don’t just want to fix an issue at the customer level, but rather take a holistic approach and understand how we can improve experience for the entire organization.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our client operations. As a company, we’re fiercely committed to always listening to and learning from our customers and clients. That’s how we make it better.

We’re proud that our client retention rate exceeds 95 percent. And we work hard to make sure it stays that high! If there’s anything we can do better, please let your Account Manager know. We promise to listen and take action for improvement.

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