In her July 6 article in, Kathryn Mayer’s summed up the five topics that were most prevalent throughout the four-day conference:

  1. Wellness. Workplace wellness programs are increasing as are the scope of the benefits and resources offered as part of the program.
  2. Overtime regulations. HR insiders are not happy about the overtime rule changes that the Department of Labor has proposed which doubles the current salary level at which it takes effect.
  3. Globalization. HR needs to accept the fact that the traditional office is dying. Crowdsourcing temporary work and remote work are on the rise, making talent borderless so everyone is global now.
  4. HR’s new role. HR is a growing, dynamic profession whose value to the organization is as a business leader – not business partners, not trusted advisors, not change managers…but business leaders.
  5. Talent and people. Talent is the key to innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st Throughout the conference, experts stressed to HR that they need to find a way to connect with employees and show them how valued they are. Otherwise—especially in a rebounding economy where talent is king—they’ll lose their best and brightest.

Read Mayer’s full article: 5 topics HR is talking about

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