Denina probably has a lot in common with many of your employees/members.  She experiences financial stress that impacts your business in three ways:

  • Productivity: 33 percent of employees actually spend time at work dealing with personal financial problems.
  • Retention: 85 percent of employees are either actively or passively looking for new jobs and they cite compensation and benefits among the most important factors in their job search.
  • Healthcare-related costs: 26 percent of employees put off doctor visits due to economic conditions, potentially letting minor medical issues escalate into more costly programs.

Denina is a single Mom with four kids whose stove and refrigerator both broke at about the same time. She has no cash to put toward the purchase and has no credit card. Her options are limited. She can get a credit card or in-store financing with potentially high interest rates; a payday loan with finance charges that typically equate to 400 percent APR; rent-to-own with annual interest rates equated to 100 percent;  or withdraw from her retirement savings.

Watch her customer testimonial as she talks about how Purchasing Power’s allowed her to get the appliances she needed without coming out of pocket – and that relieved her financial stress significantly.

Purchasing Power made a difference in her life, as it does in your employees’/members’ lives.

Watch the Customer Testimonials Now!


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