On-Demand Webinar: HR, You’re a Marketer, Too!

With today’s diverse workforce, expansive benefit offerings, the tight labor market and the do-more-with-less mentality, as an HR professional you are having to become more strategic in order to accomplish everything in your HR arena. Marketers learned years ago that if you can figure out exactly what your customer wants, you can establish your strategy, brand, product and communications to cater to customers and meet the desired goal. Today, HR professionals are having to do all these things as well.

In this webinar, HR professionals can take a deep-dive into three ways to think like marketers and drive results; review innovative marketing tactics; and explore real life examples of great marketing.

Originally airing in December, this on-demand Human Capital Institute webinar features two of Purchasing Power’s master marketers – Margaret Holm, Director of B2B Strategy, and Lauren Whipple, Director of Channel Marketing.

Use this link to watch the webinar.

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