Rolling out this month, our enhanced financial wellness platform helps employees/members take control of their financial future and reduce their financial vulnerability. And unlike many financial wellness programs today, there is no cost to your company to provide it.

The platform is a holistic approach to financial wellness, comprised of a core financial education program; free credit reports; alternative credit reporting; and rewards for saving money and reducing debt. The services are free to employees/members with the exception of a fee to use alternative credit reporting.

Purchasing Power is partnering with four innovative companies to provide the financial wellness platform  – LifeCents™, SaveUp, eCredableSM and Quizzle®.

  • LifeCents™ is a web-based, core financial education program that helps consumers improve their financial understanding, outlook and behaviors through financial assessments and goal-setting; educational resources specific to financial goals or areas of interest; and incentives for completing goals and tasks.
  • SaveUp promotes saving and debt reduction through incentives.
  • eCredableSM provides an alternative credit reporting and rating system that allows consumers to access financing products, such as auto loans and mortgages. It’s most effective for consumers with poor, limited or no credit history.
  • Quizzle® brings awareness to the world of credit and gives consumers the knowledge they need to manage it themselves, providing free credit reports, credit education and encouraging credit monitoring.

Employees and members will access the program through a “Financial Resources” tab on the website that links to a page with an overview of each resource. From there, they are redirected to each partner’s website to register and begin taking control of their finances.

We’re excited to be able to offer this service to you and your employees/members. Because of our partnership model, our financial wellness platform is unmatched in its breadth and scope.

You can now provide your employees/members a holistic solution to improving their financial health.

Download Flyer to Learn More About Our Partners!

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