Account Executives

We can assist you with program performance and awareness campaigns.

Harshila Dahya

Regional Vice President, Account Management Region: National Cell: 404-609-5005 Email:

Jason Alberici

Regional Vice President, Account Management, Public Sector Region: National Cell: 404-602-4523 Email:

Matthew Brotherton

Regional Director, Account Management Region: Central & West Cell: 404-609-5632 Email:

Raymond McLean

Regional Director, Account Management Region: East Cell: 404-602-4506 Email:

Julian Walcott

Regional Director, Account Management, Public Sector Region: National Cell: 404-609-5045 Email:

Michelle Howard

Strategic Account Executive Region: Southeast Cell: 404-602-1534 Email:

Travis Irions

Strategic Account Executive Region: West Cell: 404-609-5645 Email:

Matthew O’Neil

Associate Strategic Account Executive, Public Sector Region: National Cell: 404-602-1478 Email:

Amanda Voyles

Strategic Account Executive Region: Central Cell: 404-602-1587 Email:

Lauren Kent

Strategic Account Executive Region: Northeast Cell: 404-609-5122 Email:

Client Services

We can assist you with Day-to-day program operations.

Shatrina Cosby

Director, Client Services Region: National Cell: 404-602-1544 Email:

Patrick Gordon

Strategic Client Service Specialist Region: National Cell: 404-602-1533 Email: