Industry Snapshots Address Industry and HR Pain Points

We recently produced Industry Snapshots that outline both industry and HR challenges and trends for the seven industries that apply to most of our clients. 

The seven industries include:


  1. Healthcare
  2. Retail
  3. Restaurant and Hospitality
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Education
  6. Business and Professional Services
  7. Public Sector


Detailing the challenges and trends in the various Industry Snapshots also illustrates how our employee purchase program supports HR objectives in each of these industries. By providing a no-cost, no-liability benefit that gives employees a manageable, convenient way to access products and services that are often out of reach, employers can address some of the HR and industry challenges that affect their business.


To access the Industry Snapshots:

  1. Click here to go to the Online Broker Toolkit
  2. Select the Sales Tools tab
  3. Choose a solution and click “Access Power University Now”

If you need login credentials, please click here.

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