HR TIP OF THE MONTH: 2017’s Annoying Interview Questions You Should Include

Liz Ryan’s recent article reports on five new interview questions that job applicants heard this year. To interviewees they are dubbed “annoying.” But to employers they are fresh and reveal much about the applicant. You may want to make sure you have these interview questions on your list! 

There are some archaic beliefs in the interview process that many employers still cling to – such as:

  • It is perfectly right and appropriate for employers to ask job-seekers to expose their inner thoughts and fears, including asking questions like “What’s your greatest weakness” and “What are you working to improve in yourself.”
  • Trick questions like “What kind of zoo animal is most like you” show how the applicant sees himself.

Ryan believes that employers who cling to these kind of questions hurt themselves, their customers and their shareholders. 

Instead, here are five new questions: 

  1. What are you better at than anyone else in the world?
  2. What’s one thing in your life you would have done differently if you could do it over again?
  3. What is your ideal job – in detail?
  4. What’s the most significant thing that has happened to you so far in your life?
  5. Studies show that 20 percent of employees do 80 percent of the work. What makes you part of the 20 percent?
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