Why employees leave isn’t difficult to figure out – it’s because they are undervalued. It’s usually a surprise to some managers that they have employees who feel that way. But strong managers stay in tune with their teammates because they are constantly taking the temperature test to make sure their employees feel they are thriving and growing.

Liz Ryan’s recent article outlines the 10 unmistakable signs that some or all of your employees are looking for a job:

  1. Conflicts and long-running disagreements among employees seem to fade away. It’s likely because they aren’t unhappy with one another, but rather with you.
  2. Your employees start coming to work looking sharp.
  3. Your employees start sharing LinkedIn tips with one another.
  4. Your team members start to ask you questions like, “How much money did the company make on last year’s product launch?” (They are asking so they can put it on their resume!).
  5. You start to get vacation requests, but only for a day or half-day off work.
  6. Your employees start to show more interest than usual in project completion dates. (If a big project can be completed quickly, they can add it to their resume as an accomplishment).
  7. At least one employee asks you, “Since I’m basically doing the data analyst job description anyway, can we change my title to data analyst?” (The new title on their resume will help them take a step in their new job).
  8. Employees who never had three words to say to one another start going to lunch together.
  9. When you call a team meeting to share your 2017 plans, your employees tune out and start peeking at Facebook and Instagram on their phones.
  10. You announce a new employee referral bonus plan that will pay your employees $1,000 for every new hire they refer to the company with the stipulation that the new hire and the current employee have to be working at your company three months from now in order for the bonus to apply. Then, when you ask your team, “How many of your friends can we bring in for a $1,000 each” no one answers.

Ryan encourages managers to make their team mojo the first topic in every staff meeting. Making culture your highest priority is what great leaders do. Read her complete article for additional advice.

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