Recruiting & Technology Infographic - Technology is taking over, and nowhere more than in the field of recruiting. But how is it affecting HR professionals? Although many report recruiting through the company website, it is not the most successful method for them. Highest success rate is on Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilders and other similar sites. Print ads are among the traditional recruitment methods replaced by online advertising. 

Read more about this topic in the infographic.


Compensation Benchmarking and Salary Ranges - PayScale’s whitepaper, “How to Perform Compensation Benchmarking and Set Salary Ranges,” will provide you with a step-by-step guide to benchmarking and setting ranges that will help you retain talent and keep a competitive edge. Download this whitepaper and learn how to: select your salary data sources, apply your compensation philosophy to the data, determine pay grades and handle “hot jobs” or range-busters.

Here’s the link to download the white paper on this topic from PayScale.


Improving engagement helps the bottom line - Forty percent of respondents to SHRM’s 2015 Employee Recognition Report said employee retention and turnover were challenges. Next up was employee engagement at 39 percent; culture management at 24 percent; performance management at 22 percent; employee satisfaction at 22 percent; productivity at 11 percent and employee happiness at 9 percent. It all boils down to the fact that employees aren’t as tuned in to their tasks as they should be. Review the complete article for some of the reasons why companies need to stem the employee disengagement spiral and view the survey report for more detail.

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