Good to Great: Improving Program Communication Increases Participation

Purchasing Power will go above and beyond to support the success of your employee benefits program. Without a doubt, statistics show that improved benefits communication raises employee utilization of their benefits.

Communicating during open enrollment may not be enough – it should be a year-round effort. Incorporating personalized benefit messages reflecting employee life stages and events throughout the year, and offering educational tools and channels preferred by employees, can help make sure workers receive the information they need to make better benefits decisions.

Most importantly, employees need benefits communicated in a way that is relevant to them. With today’s multi-generational workforce, that can be a challenge. Baby boomers may want a newsletter, while younger employees prefer a mobile app explaining the products or a link to an online presentation. Both audiences would probably enjoy a video that clearly explains the products and presents them in the context of real-life examples. Customized marketing materials reflecting the languages and nuances associated with different ethnicities also may be effective

How Can We Help?

We’re committed to helping you communicate our program to your workforce. Here’s how:

  • Additional program education such as webinars for regional/field HR managers or lunch and learns for your employees
  • Participation in events outside benefit fairs such as company town hall or vendor days
  • Contributing to sponsorship events such as education fund, charity and wellness initiatives
  • Providing marketing materials such as home mailers, emails, posters, newsletters, flyers, intranet and dedicated website
  • Utilizing your company’s internal communications channel to increase program awareness such as customized ads for your magazine or radio station
  • Helping to increase membership recruitment traffic by sponsoring contents and special seasonal discounts

Contact your account manager to learn more about how we can help!

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