As benefits professionals continue to engage with more multicultural, multigenerational and more mobile workforces, their challenges will continue to grow. Nick Otto’s June 30 article on benefitnews.com reported on a session by consultant Marcus Buckingham, a speaker at last month’s SHRM annual conference. 

Buckingham says that if you want to build a great organization, you can’t build it from the center, predicting an oncoming shift in how benefits professionals and other HR leaders need to better strategize organizational development and leadership. Organizations don’t necessarily focus on building engagement tools for team leaders.

In fact, when developing engagement tools, there are three questions benefits managers should ask:

  1. What are the strengths of my people?
  2. What are they doing?
  3. How are they feeling?

If you build tools for the person running that team, and if they use them, you’ll get data. If you get data you’ll get insight. Employers need to move away from big data to real time information, and this will help fuel better performance and higher engagement.

Read Otto’s full article: Engagement tools target wrong audience

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