New Return Process. Employees/members can now use our website to return non-freight items for a refund or replacement instead of having to call Customer Care. This new feature enhances the shopping experience and allows for greater transparency into the status of the return, mirroring the return process of many e-retailers.


Client Support Offerings. We like to go above and beyond when it comes to supporting our clients. Are you aware of the value-added services we can provide for you, such as:

  • Program training

We offer additional program training webinars for regional/field HR managers as well as lunch & learns for employees.

  • Events other than benefit fairs

Purchasing Power is always happy to be part of a benefit fair, but we can also host or participate in other events, such as a company town hall meeting or vendor day.

  • Sponsorship events

We are happy to contribute to sponsorship events, such as education funds, charities or wellness initiatives.

  • Your company’s internal communication channel

To increase program awareness, we can use your internal communication channel and create custom ads for the company magazine or radio station.

  • Membership recruitment

To help increase membership recruitment traffic, we can sponsor contests, special seasonal discounts and prizes.

These value-added services lead to stronger communication of benefits which increases participation and benefit adherence. A telecommunications company that uses Purchasing Power took some of these additional steps and the numbers tell the success story. During implementation, we held webinars for the HR team to teach them about our program. We launched our program using email, direct mail, and onsite materials. On an ongoing basis we communicate to their employees through direct mail and flyers.

The results are impressive:

  • Annual Penetration: 36%
  • Eligible Employees: 40,446
  • Orders Taken: 33,924

As you can see strong communication was essential to educate and promote awareness among employees.


Website. We recently made two improvements to our website to improve the customer experience. The customer product search and navigation feature is now more user-friendly. We expanded the size of the search bar and added fly-outs to the navigation pane to make it easier to browse categories. Additionally, we improved the checkout process by streamlining the number of steps and moving the placement of important information, such as the customer’s spending limit, earlier in the process.

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