One of our clients, a leader in the telecommunications industry with 50,000 employees over 25 states, knows the importance of internet access and computer ownership for the education of its employees. Here’s how Purchasing Power helped solve their challenge of unburdening HR from the task of running the program while at the same time expanding it to include a diverse range of products.

Challenge - This company’s executives were seeking an alternative program that would unburden their HR department from the time-consuming administration and debt liability associated with managing their own internal computer purchase program. They were committed to offering employees a flexible, affordable benefits program designed to meet a variety of needs. Moreover, they wanted a benefit that would provide employees with access to a diverse range of products, but with minimal administration and no cost or liability for the company.

Solution - Purchasing Power met all of their requirements for administration, cost and liability. We provide a wide selection of computers that made transitioning away from their computer purchase program painless for their employees. In fact, the familiarity with that program made it easier for the employees to understand our benefit. The company now enjoys the benefits of helping put computers in employees’ hands without the administrative burden or liability.

During implementation, we held webinars for the HR team to teach them about our program. We launched our program using email, direct mail, and onsite materials. On an ongoing basis we communicate to their employees through direct mail and flyers.

Results - With Purchasing Power, the company’s HR department now has minimal administrative involvement. Here’s the proof positive:

  • Launched: September 2012
  • Annual Penetration: 36%
  • Eligible Employees: 40,446
  • Orders Taken: 28,337 as of January 1, 2015

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