Case Study: Helping A Healthcare Company Meet Its HR Goals

This healthcare company with more than 12,000 employees added Purchasing Power as a benefit to attract highly skilled workers and to help tackle employee financial challenges.

The company’s Director of Work-Life Services sought innovative benefits to help address those issues and support the company’s culture, which emphasizes success both at work and at home. She also needed to implement a program that would have an impact, but wouldn’t come with additional costs or administrative strain so HR could focus on strategic issues within the organization.

Our gold-standard communication programs introduce and continue to promote Purchasing Power to employees. Strong communication is essential to educate and promote awareness among employees. In addition to our regular marketing, we have other tools available to support your benefits strategy:

  • Program training. We offer additional program training webinars for regional/field HR managers as well as lunch & learns for employees.
  • Events other than benefit fairs. Purchasing Power is always happy to be part of a benefit fair, but we can also host or participate in other events, such as a company town hall meeting or vendor day.
  • Sponsorship events. We are happy to contribute to sponsorship events, such as education funds, charities or wellness initiatives.
  • The company’s internal communication channel. To increase program awareness, we can use a company’s internal communication channel and create custom ads for the company magazine or radio station.

Purchasing Power met this company’s needs and our communications programs promote the benefit successfully for them. This healthcare company has an annual penetration of 28 percent with 93 percent of repeat buyers.

We have gold-standard communication programs that you can utilize to get the word out to your employees about our program as well. Let your Purchasing Power Account Executive know if you’re interested in any of these opportunities.

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