Our newest white paper examines the reasons voluntary benefits have gone mainstream in the last few years and outlines how employers can get the most value from the voluntary benefits they offer. “Benefits That Matter: Five Ways Employers Can Get the Most Value from Voluntary Benefits” explores employers’ and employees’ views on voluntary benefits and provides tips for employers to get the most value out of their voluntary benefits program.

Interesting research findings in the white paper include two surveys conducted in June 2015 – one of employees working full-time and the other of employers – that show that they see some things about voluntary benefits differently.

The white paper discusses ways employers can get the most value from voluntary benefits:

  1. Offering an array of voluntary benefits in your employee benefits package.
  2. Leveraging the vital recruitment and retention role that voluntary benefits play.
  3. Including non-traditional voluntary benefits to guarantee customization.
  4. Tailoring communications to help employees understand everything that’s available to them to make wise benefit decisions.
  5. Utilizing data and technology to provide more efficient, effective voluntary benefit programs.

Download the white paper now!

Benefits that matter white paper

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