Referral Program - This month we are rolling out a pilot referral program – Refer & Earn – to a limited group of clients. The program rewards customers who refer a friend or co-worker to Purchasing Power. That friend/co-worker receives a 10 percent discount when their first order is placed and the customer earns a $25 reward for a future purchase.

In the past we had a similar referral program and customers have asked us to bring it back – so we are! Refer & Earn will be expanded to include all clients in 2016. The Refer & Earn program is promoted through online pop-ups where the customer can enter their friend/co-worker’s name and email address. An email is then automatically sent to the friend/co-worker from the customer announcing the promotion.


Automotive Program - Your employees/members will be pleased to know we have added an Automotive Program to our portfolio of products and services. The new program includes:

  • Purchase and installation of tires; and
  • Automotive service contracts available in three levels of coverage, ranging from major component coverage to top-of-the-line warranty coverage.

Tires. The tire program provides employees/members with the opportunity to obtain a set of 2 or 4 tires, including installation cost, through our employee purchase program. After entering information about their car and their zip code, customers receive a list of tires available for purchase specific to their vehicle and a list of available installers in their area to choose from. Tire fulfillment is through TireBuyer, part of the largest tire distributor in the U.S.  Tires are shipped to the local installer that the customer chooses. Gift cards to cover install charges are shipped directly to the customer.

Auto Service Contracts. Often referred to as an extended auto warranty, auto service contracts provide repair coverage after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Coverage is provided by Atlas Auto Protection. After providing they year, make and mileage of their car, customers are shown the different levels of coverage they qualify for:

  • Platinum coverage is the top of the line, like coverage on a brand new vehicle.
  • Gold coverage provides peace of mind for most major systems on a vehicle. It is ideal for vehicles just outside original warranty.
  • Silver coverage provides major component coverage on items like engine, transmission, air-conditioning, electronics, etc.

To use the coverage, the customer must present the contract to a state-licensed repair facility of their choice before any repairs are completed. The customer is responsible for a $50 or $100 deductible per repair depending on the level of coverage. Claims are handled between Atlas and the licensed repair facility.


Connect with your Purchasing Power representative to learn more.


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